W.Y.S.A Woonsocket Soccer

GotSoccer Registration Information

 Registered Individuals

    • For all returning players, coaches, assistants, or volunteers your information remain in the database.
    • On the right hand side under "Registered Users" select Family or Individual Users and log in to your account using your username and password. Please correct any information as needed in your account at this time.
    • If you need assistance with your username or password please click here and W.Y.S.A will e-mail you the information on file.

New Registrations

    • For all "New" players, coaches, assistants, or volunteers, register as “New Users” and begin with selecting "Create Family Account."
    • This will be "Your Family Account" that you will add family members to; you will have access to this account to update any information as needed. In addition, the information will be carried over from year to year.
    • After selecting "Create Family Account" enter all information (Family Name, Your Full Name, Your E-mail, then choose a Username and Password) and select "Register."  You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming this information: Please save Username and Password for future use.
    • Once registered you will be on Your Family Account - Home Page.  To register a family member click on "Click Here to go directly to the Registration Form."
    • On the next page under "New Family Member Profile" select Account Type and select Player, Coach, or Referee. Then complete the remainder of the form (Gender, Date of Birth, First and Last Name, and Create Username and Password) and select "Create Account."  Again you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming this information: Please save for future use.
    • A new page will open titled "Player Registration (Step 2 of 4.)"  Complete all information as required then select "Continue."
    • Next enter all Emergency Contact and Medical Information.  Use None or N/A as needed.  Then select "Continue."
    • The Registration Fee for Fall is $70.00, which includes a full uniform (T-shirt, shorts, and socks.) Select "Continue."
    • The next page is "Player Registration (Step 3 of 4)."  Under "Pay by Mail with Check or Money Order" select "Click to Continue."
    • Please review all information and correct any errors.  If everything is correct "Enter Your Full Name and check the small box under "Registration Agreement."  Select "Finish & Submit Application."
    • A new page will open titled "Player Registration Complete (Step 4 of 4.)"  Select "Printable Registration Form" and print two copies.
    • One page needs to be completed by filling in players name and a parent signing and dating the form.  This signed registration form should be mailed with payment.  The additional printed form is for your records.  
    • If registering additional family members select "Family Home" in the "Blue Bar" at the top of the page.  Select "Add Player to Family" at the top right side of the page.

Notice: National Back Ground Checks are performed for all adults associated with W.Y.S.A. Woonsocket Soccer every two years. All new coaches that register will receive an e-mail with information and instructions to have BGC performed. Coaches who have had BGC performed will be notified at the end of their two year period to re-register.